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Dan hillier's beautiful illustration for royal blood becomes 2014's most popular design with the vinyl record buying public
News ImageAlbum art resonates as sales hit two‑decade high
Just ahead of this year's winners announcement, catch up on how art and music are really coming together with vinyl records in an article in the Independent
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Celebrating 2014 on 12"

Welcome to the world of Art Vinyl and the opportunity to express your views on the best record cover art of 2014. Now in its 10th year, this unique award compiles the global opinion on the best of art and design in music.

For Best Art Vinyl 2014, it's Dan Hillier’s artwork for Royal Blood’s debut LP which topped the list of the year's favourite sleeve designs. Previous winners have included Klaxons' Surfing the Void with its playful image of a cat in a spacesuit, Thom Yorke's The Eraser from regular Radiohead contributor Stanley Donwood, and even work from the sixteenth century for The Fleet Foxes eponymous LP by Dutch artist Pieter Bruegel.

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